Sbeitla Temples of the Gods

Sufetula (or Sbeitla) is a fairly well preserved Roman town in the mid west of Tunisia.

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The best way to read Sufetula is to take a louage --a shared taxi-- from Kairouan or Kasserine. Louages seem to run more frequently in the morning, so plan to start early. Alternatively, it is possible to drive there independently. From Kairouan take the road towards the South West - you will need a road map. In Sbeitla, the Roman town is well signposted; take the right after the bridge beside the petrol station.


The Byzantine House ruins. By climbing up the walls you can see how much they fortified their homes against the Arab invaders, towards the end of their dominance here. There are several with up to 4 feet thick of additional stonework around the original house giving an idea of the terror that had gripped this outpost of the old Empire.

The Forum, which gives a great feeling for the hub of the original city. This has a wonderful entrance arch still standing and three large temples at the far end. The spaces for the traders on the outer walls is clearly visible.

The church ruins show how much Christianity had come to fill their lives with several build around the outskirts of the forum.


Walk around the remains of Sbeitla, the roman town. Quite extensive ruins which did appear rather heavily restored in places. Watch out for local pickpockets who casually approach you as you walk around.


Do bring water with you as it is hot at any time of year. There is also a good café adjoining the Museum with excellent coffee and Mint Tea.

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