Podkarpackie is a mountainous province in the southeastern corner of Poland. Its name, which can be rendered in English as Subcarpathian, refers to its location at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.


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Already in ancient times Podkarpacie was situated on major trade routs north of the Carpathians between the Black Sea and Central Europe. In the early Middle Ages Podkarpacie was disputed between the Kingdom of Poland and Ruthenia, and became part of Lesser Poland which was the major part of Poland since the Polish capital was moved from Gniezno to Kraków in 1040. Especially the cities along the San River became very rich in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Beautiful palaces were built in Lublin Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque style by the nobility of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the First Partition of Poland in 1772 most of its territory was annexed by Austria and formed a part of the so called Galicja-Lodomeria. Galicja-Lodomeria gained an autonomy within the Austria-Hungary empire in 1867. After World War I Podkarpacie became part of the Second Polish Republic, but was divided along the San River after the invasion of Poland and occupied by Nazi-Germany and the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1944, when its Western part in 1939 and its Eastern part in 1941 were incorporated into the German General government. After World War II it again became part of Poland. Nowadays it is situated in the South-East of the country, although it used to be in the middle of the Commonwealth between two major trade and economic centers in Kraków and Lwów.

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Some major airlines, Polish national carrier LOT, and a low cost airline Ryanair fly to Rzeszów's Jasionka International Airport (IATA: RZE) . Domestic flights operated by LOT (under Eurolot brand) connect Rzeszów with i.e. Warsaw's Chopin Airport (IATA: WAW).

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Podkarpackie borders three other Polish voivodeships:

as well as Slovakia and Ukraine.

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