Study Butte-Terlingua

Study Butte-Terlingua is a group of tiny communities in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas set against the desert and mountain scenery of Big Bend Country and home to ghost towns, remote getaways, and famous chili cook-offs. The boundary between Study Butte (STOO-dee BYOOT) and Terlingua blurs to such a degree that they are often treated as a single entity (though locals may have something to say about that).

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No public transportation serves this remote area of the state, so you'll need to provide your own. An automobile is your best bet, though bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. If you own a horse, the backcountry here makes for beautiful, if rugged, terrain.



Terlingua Ghost Town


Beer, cocktails, and an impressive variety of tequila and other Mexican liquors are served up at La Kiva.


Terlingua Ghost Town

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