Stryn is village and district in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Stryn sits at the junction the high mountains and glaciers of the interior, and one of the great fjords cutting deep into the bedrock. The area is famous for its lovely lakes and easy access to arms of the great glacier. Stryn district also includes Olden and Loen.


Stryn district in the eastern Nordfjord region

Stryn district occupies the innermost (easternmost) part of the Nordfjord region. Nordfjord region is the area surrounding the Nordfjord, one of the major western fjord systems. The arms of this majestic fjord cuts deep into the mountains where its extensions are seen as green valleys and romantic lakes. While the many lakes in Stryn district are moderatly deep (100-200 meters), Next door Hornindal lake is one of the deepest in the world (500 meters +) and supposed to be the deepest in Europe.

Stryn district is the transition area between the great fjords and high mountains creating the barrier to eastern Norway. Stryn has deep valleys, mountain passes and the northern part of the Jostedalsbreen glacier as well as other glaciers. These glaciers are used for summer skiing. About 15 % of the district is covered by glaciers or permanent snow. About 2/3 of the area is above the treeline.

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