Storlien is a Swedish ski resort in western Jämtland, just 2 kilometres east of the border with Norway.


Inauguration of the railway in 1882, Storlien
Storlien railway station, in the centre of the village and the highest station in Sweden

Storlien is a saddle point in the Scandinavian mountain, and the highest point on Saint Olaf's Way, a pilgrim route in use since the 12th century.

In Swedish history, it is infamous for a failed military campaign at the new year on 1718 and 1719, where Lieutenant Carl Gustaf Armfeldt led thousands on men back from Norway, into a blizzard where most of them froze to death.

As the railway was built in the 1880s, Storlien emerged as a prestigious resort. The Royal Family has a house here. During the late 20th century, it has been in the shade of the more developed resort in Åre. As living costs in Norway have become the world's highest, Storlien has a retail trade out of all proportion to its small size.

Get in

The Storlien railway station is higher above sea level than any other in Sweden.

By train

SJ (formerly part of Statens Järnvägar) has night trains from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Norrtåg have day trains from Trondheim in Norway and Sundsvall, Sweden.

By plane

Vaernes airport: outside Trondheim is the closest airport, just 73km from Storlien. There are international flights from London and Amsterdam.

At the airport you take the local train to Hell and get off just 3 minutes later. In Hell, you take the train Mittnabotåget direct to Storlien railway station; it's worth checking the time of departures from Hell as the train only runs twice a day (in both directions). Generally there is a morning train at around 09:00 and an evening train at around 17:00. Avoid arriving at Hell station too far in advance as it is far less comfortable than waiting a few hours in a café at Vaernes airport!

Åre Östersund airport: There are domestic flights operating daily from Stockholm to Åre Östersund Airport There are also charter flights from London, Moscow, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

By helicopter

You can charter a helicopter to pick you up at Vaernes Airport in Trondheim, Norway or at Åre-Östersund Airport on Frösön. The largest operator in Östersund is Jämtlands Flyg which has helicopters for 3-6 passengers.

By car

You will easily reach Storlien by taking the E14 that passes right through the village.

Get around

It's a small village where almost everything is within walking distance.

If you don't want to walk you can call "Wänseths buss" for a taxi.



Panorama from the top of the ski area

The alpine ski area's vertical drop is 191 metres, which is less than other Scandinavian ski resorts such as Åre and Duved, but suitable for children and beginners.


There are also supermarkets, design shops, fishing stores, etc.



Storlien certainly has a nightlife during ski season, though nothing like Åre.


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Routes through Storlien

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