Stann Creek

Stann Creek is a region on the Caribbean coastline of Belize.



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Between Dangriga and Placencia on the coast is Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort. The Resort was finished in 2001 by a couple of Italian businessmen and won acclaim from Architectural Digest for its construction and architecture that included everything from interior designs styled in the Mayan tradition to hand-crafted furnishings made from Belizean hardwoods.

The finest materials were brought in from the surrounding areas to maintain Kanantik's harmony with the Belizean landscape.

Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort is an all-inclusive eco-sensitive resort of palm thatched luxury cabanas on the southern beaches of mainland Belize designed to showplace both the emerald waters of the Caribbean and the pristine exotic Belizean forest in one truly picturesque setting. Kanantik is one of the most unique of the contemporary Belize resorts and is constructed in a way that is ecologically sound and preserves the natural habitat around and within the resort.

Guests of Kanantik can witness traditional Garifuna songs and dance styles as a local Garifuna dance group performs at the resort weekly. The Garifuna people of Belize is a culture that is disappearing. The Garifuna are direct descendants of a group of African slaves who escaped two ship-wrecked Spanish slave ships near St. Vincent in 1635. They celebrate a diverse and rich culture that is a blend of African traditions of music, dance and religious ceremonies; Native American farming, hunting, and fishing techniques; and a French and Arawak influenced language.

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