Stamford (Connecticut)

Stamford is a city in the state of Connecticut, United States of America. Stamford is the fourth largest city in Connecticut, a center of regional activity in Fairfield County, and a hub of the Metro New York area. Its position between NYC and the rest of Connecticut defines Stamford’s character. Stamford takes on an atmosphere of New York City in its downtown and the adjacent neighborhoods, then transitioning to a more traditional suburban small town CT atmosphere in its northern sections. Stamford plays an active role the NYC metro and Fairfield county art and music scene. It also has one of the largest and most diverse selections of restaurants and shopping in Fairfield county.

Get in

By plane

By train

Amtrak's trains make stops at Stamford. Also, Metro North commuter trains travel to and from New York City's Grand Central terminal. Off-peak, there is at least one express train (about 45 minutes) and a couple of local trains (about 1 hour 10 minutes). More trains are available during peak hours.

By car

I-95 is the major interstate highway that goes through downtown Stamford. Merritt Parkway goes parallel to I-95 about 5 miles North.

Get around

Having a car makes traveling in Stamford much easier and safer (see Stay Safe) but it is not essential. Bus routes travel along all major roads to all ends of the city and to other cities in Fairfield county as well as busses running to White Plains, N.Y. and Port Chester, N.Y. Also the New Canaan Amtrak line runs from downtown Stamford through the Eastside of Stamford with stops in the Springdale, and Glenbrook neighborhoods. See here for information on the New Canaan Amtrak line. See here for more information on bus routes in Stamford. There are several taxi companies serving Stamford. Among them are Stamford Taxi, Tel. 1-203-325-2611, and Eveready, Tel. 1-203-655-8779






Note- The Stamford Nightlife scene is constantly changing but all located generally in the same area of downtown Stamford. If searching for a fun club, bar or restaurant feel encouraged to walk through downtown Stamford at night especially Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The area of the most bars is centered roughly around Columbus park but there are many more popular places to drink. The area bordered by Forest Street to the north, Grove Street to the east, Washington Boulevard to the west, and Tresser boulevard to the south is a very safe area to wander and contains much of Stamford nightlife. Be careful of leaving this area however as some of the streets bordering Stamford downtown can be dangerous especially at night. Avoid hanging around the St. Johns Towers (the three large cylinder towers on Tresser Boulevard.)



Stay safe

The FBI rates Stamford one of the safest cities in its population bracket. However caution must be used in some parts of Stamford, especially traveling past public housing projects. Walking the street is where you will encounter the most danger; avoid certain streets on the East Side (Custer Street, Ursula Place, Sections of Cove Road.), the West Side (Connecticut Avenue, Merrel Avenue, Spruce Street), as well as most of the Waterside (bordered by I-95 on the north, the Greenwich/Stamford border to the west and the Long Island Sound to the south and east; main avenue is Southfield Ave) and South End neighborhoods (The South End is bordered by I-95 to the north, and Long Island Sound to the east, west, and south; main avenue is Canal Street). Although Stamford is rapidly gentrifying, gangs and organized crime have long established roots in Stamford. Use the same caution as one would use in any city especially faced with a violent confrontation or when engaging in illicit activities. Stamford’s homeless population is not large but can be quite aggressive. Be careful of how you carry yourself; in Stamford a quick word might be more effective then simply ignoring a request. Avoid the McDonald's by the main library downtown, especially at night. It's been the site of muggings, fights and even a recent murder. There are plenty of other (safer) dining options in the area. Also Shippan has a lot of young hooligans roaming around at night. Some may get violent.

Go next

New York City- The primary reason for Stamford development was its proximity to NYC. A 30-minute drive down I95 or the Merrit Parkway will take you to Nyc. Also a 45 minute express train, and a 75 minute local train will take you there and back for 18 dollars. Free parking for the train station is provided at a commuter lot adjacent to I95 and there is slightly expensive pay parking lot directly across the street from the train station. Taking the train into Grand Central provides you access to the NYC transit system and you can use that to venture to any part of the city for about $2.50 a trip.

Bridgeport- Bridgeport is a cheaper alternative to visiting New York City. Bridgeport is only roughly(depending on traffic) a 20 minute drive down I-95 or the Merrit parkway and a 30 minute train ride. Home to the Beardsley Zoo, the Barnum Museum, as well as a diverse restaurant scene. Also located in Bridgeport is a ferry running from downtown Bridgeport to Port Jefferson, New York.

New Haven- About a 45 minute train ride away and a 30-45 minute drive north depending on traffic New Haven is another popular destination. A lively downtown restaurant, bar and club scene makes it a good nightlife destination. Also home to multiple play houses and musical venues.

Routes through Stamford

Washington, D.C. New York City  SW  NE  New Haven Boston
New York City New Rochelle  SW  NE  Bridgeport New Haven
Philadelphia New York City  SW  NE  Bridgeport New Haven

Routes through Stamford (by car)

New Haven Darien  N  S  Greenwich New York City
New Haven Darien  N  S  Greenwich New York City
New Haven New Canaan  N  S  Greenwich New York City

Routes through Stamford (by commuter rail)

New York City Greenwich  SW  NE  Darien New Haven
New York City GreenwichMerges into New Haven (red) line  SW  NE  Norwalk Danbury
New York City GreenwichMerges into New Haven (red) line  SW  NE  New Canaan END
New York City GreenwichMerges into New Haven (red) line  SW  NE  Bridgeport Waterbury
END  W  E  Bridgeport New Haven

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