St. Joseph Island

St. Joseph Island is an island located in northern Ontario; this island had an approx. count of 10,000+ tourists a year.


Located in Algoma District.



St. Joseph's Island is the second largest fresh water Island in the world. Largest maple syrup producing area in Ontario.


Very popular camp "Cottage" area for Sault Ste. Marie and Mid-western American families.

Get in

St. Joseph's Island is connected to the mainland via a free bridge. To access the island, turn south from Highway 17 onto Highway 548.

Get around

The primary road system on the Island is based on early surveys, with crossroads every 1.25 miles (2 km). Many of these are still gravel roads, however, the local municipalities have been paving many of the more frequently used routes. (Hightway 548) is the major highway which circles the Island. This very scenic circular route covers just over 50 miles (80 km), and passes through Richards Landing and Hilton Beach.


Fall Colours (september-October) and Adcock's Woodland Gardens


Visit Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site of Canada Hike the trails, see the ruins,or watch brief historic film vignettes related to the site. A Parks Canada maintained site that has as its theme; The Fur Trade, The war of 1812 and the British Military, and the Aboriginal people in the area with whom the British formed alliances. Wildlife viewing; Deer, Fox, Bald Eagle, Racoon, Bear, etc...

Farm produce available and seasonal menus at local establishments.


Maple syrop season breakfast (Spring)

Mostly Fresh Fish


Hilton Beach Inn.


Stay safe


The highway 548 which completely circles St.Joseph Island is hard surfaced as are most of the side roads.
These are very scenic routes and well suited for bicycling during the good weather.
PLEASE keep in mind, St.Joseph Island is home to many, many permanent residents that go about their daily business year 'round. In the summer months the population swells with summer residents and guests. Many are not familiar or expecting bicycle or pedestrians on rural roads. Please respect ALL rules of the road as you would anywhere else. It is an idyllic spot, but bicycling is not a time to be having a conversation with your buddy, or becoming distracted.
There is an abundance of wildlife, especially deer which tend to pop out of the fields and woods at any given moment, so heads up!


Watch for wildlife ... especially deer which can be found anytime of day year 'round, in any area of St. Joseph Island


There is very little Crown Land on St. Joseph Island.
Please ask permission before hiking or hunting while visiting St Joseph Island

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