The Spreewald is a region in Brandenburg in the east of Germany.

Typical Spreewald atmosphere.


The Spreewald (Spree Forest) includes low-lying areas in which the river Spree meanders in thousands of small waterways through meadows and forests. It is a beautiful, unique landscape about one hour south of Berlin and well worth a day trip or a weekend trip to relax from the buzzing city life. Besides its beautiful nature, the Spreewald is home to one of the two recognized minorities in Germany, the Sorbs with their unique culture. Many old, traditional farmhouses along the waterways offer beautiful sights.


It is a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1991.


Forested low moor landscape with 1,300 km of irrigation channels.

Flora and fauna

Broad leafed forest, mainly Alder on wetlands, with pine on sandy dry areas.


Most people only speak German (at least the standard variation without major accents). Some younger people understand and speak English, some older people might still remember a few words of Russian. Some people may still speak Low Geman dialect and Sorbian is still spoken in the south of Brandenburg.

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Get around on your feet, on a cycle or by boat. Not every location can be reached by motorized transport. Visiting the Spreewald means getting around by muscle power. Public transport is virtually nonexistent.




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The Spreewald is a preferred region for short holidays of people from Berlin and Saxony. Around the holidays in April and May (Easter, Pentecost, Ascension) and during the summer holiday season, it may be hard to find accommodation without prior reservation. During the rest of the year, finding accommodation should be no problem. The local tourist offices will assist in finding accommodation.

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