View of the city

Spoleto is a city in the Umbria region of Italy.


Spoleto is a small but lovely city with an ancient past. Its importance during Roman times is shown by the ruins of the Roman theatre its citizens used to patronize. Today, as in times long past, Romans come to Spoleto in the summertime for a relaxing vacation, and the city is also known for the Festivale dei Due Mondi, a music festival that is internationally renowned.

Get in

There is a train station in the city which offers direct connections to Rome. Bus service to various locations is also available. For those driving into town, Umbria has a very good and well-maintained road system.

Get around

Spoleto is a small town in area, so you are best off walking, though it is possible to drive or take taxis.


Ponte Delle Torri


Spoleto is a UNESCO Lombard Site and well known for its music festivals, especially the Festivale dei Due Mondi in the summertime.

Otherwise, it is a very peaceful and pleasant place to walk around, and you can use Spoleto as a base to drive through beautiful Umbrian countryside and mountains and visit other Umbrian cities.


Spoleto's Duomo


Umbria is known for its mushrooms and black truffles, and also for its wild game, so if you see primi piatti of pasta dishes with some kind of fungus and secondi piatti of game such as cinghiale (wild boar), order them.


Umbria is a land of rolling hills and has its own wine industry. There are also some very good mineral waters drawn from its mountain springs.


Go next

Logical places to go next include Assisi and Perugia, which are about 50 and 65 kilometres to the north, respectively, and the mountains which are 20-30 minutes' drive to the east and are cool even when Spoleto is aggressively hot in the summertime.

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