Southern Dobruja

Southern Dobruja, also spelled Dobrudja, Dobrudza and Dobrudzha among other spellings (Bulgarian: Добруджа) is a Bulgarian region part of the greater area Dobrudja located in both Bulgaria and Romania. The region is located in the Bulgarian Northeast between the Danube plain to the west, the Balkan to the south and the Black Sea Coast to the east. To the north it can be said to border with Northern Dobruja.


The region is commonly referred to as the granary of Bulgaria because most of the grain in the country is a product of the region. Grain-rising has historically been the major economical sphere in Dobruja and thus in previous centuries an important economical region. As a result, the area was suitable for a government centre an was the home of the first two capitals of Bulgaria. For centuries, its fertile grounds generated the wealth of its owners so the region has always been well developed. The fruitful environment meant that even after Bulgaria gained back its independence from the Ottoman empire in the late 19th century, many Turks decided to stay in Dobrudja and live in the reinstated Bulgarian country. Today, the region has many ethnic Turks so it is not uncommon to hear people speaking Turkish for example.


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