South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are a group of islands about 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of the Antarctic Peninsula.


The South Shetland Islands
Research stations Frei and Bellingshausen on King George Island

Research stations and Field Camps

The pretty Russian Orthodox church of Holy Trinity, the southernmost Eastern Orthodox house of worship of the world, in Bellingshausen Station during the polar night


The South Shetland Islands are part of the British Antarctic Territory. There is no permanent habitation on these islands aside from the personnel on the research stations. The climate is not as rough as on the Antarctic mainland: the temperature oscillates between -10°C and +5°C.

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By boat

If you are not part of a research team, the easiest way to visit the islands is by cruise ship. Cruises to this part of Antarctica usually start from Ushuaia, take one to two weeks and cost at least US$5,000 per person.

By plane

Some travel agencies also offer tours by plane to the archipelago's only airport, at the Eduardo Frei Base, serving said base as well as the settlement of Villa Las Estrellas.


The main sights are the Antarctic landscape and nature.

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