South Moravia

South Moravia is a region of the Czech Republic.


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Brno aside, Southern Moravia is most famous for its wine. Except for the Czechs though, this fact is not very well known, so not many tourists make the trip to the region. The area from Kyjov to Hodonín is particularly wealthy in both vineyards, private cellars and mannor houses. For a weekend adventure, the Mutěnice Wine Region is particularly enjoyable. The rural area outside of Brno though has particularly high unemployment and also has done little to attract foreign tourists so contact with the English and German speaking world is a lot more rare than in Prague. Expect to use your phrase book and knowledge of Czech a lot more than you may be used to. Also expect a lot of friendly hospitality.


In contrast to Prague or Brno not many people here speak English. Like most Czechs though, they do like to study and most people will be willing to make a strong effort to communicate in the English that they do know.

Get in

Wine Region

You can drive on the motorway from Brno to Bratislava and about 15km before the border exit towards Hodonín.
The best way to get to the wine region is to take a bus to Hodonín from the Brno bus station. The cost is under 50 kč, the buses run almost hourly and the trip takes under an hour. You can either get off in Hodonín and catch any number of local buses from there, or get off in Mutěnice about 5 km outside of Hodonín which will put your right in the middle of the wine region. The bus does not take the motorway, but instead travels the old back road. Feel free to hop off in any of the villages that suite your fancy.
There should also be frequent buses and trains to Kyjov from Brno.

Get around

The local bus system in Southern Moravia is quite extensive. Learning to read the bus tables is a bit confusing at first so be sure and ask for assistance, but once you've mastered the bus system you can get from village to village very easily.




South Moravia is famous for pickled gherkins, made around Znojmo. Various dishes from pork and cabbage are eaten in the region, as well as pies with plum jam and sweet cottage cheese. The favorite drinks are wine and apricot brandy. See an article about South Moravia specials

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