South Gyeongsang

Location of South Gyeonsang in South Korea

South Gyeongsang (경상 남도 Gyeongsangnam-do, 慶尙南道) is a province of South Korea. The abbreviated name Gyeongnam (경남), formerly Kyungnam, is also used.


Botanic Gardens in the sea on Geoje Island
The main city of Busan

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The scenery of Geoji Island


On the opposite side of the mainland from Seoul, South Gyeongsang as an important part of the country having been the only area not occupied by the Communist forces during the Korean War and birthplace of many of the nation's presidents.


This region has a strong Korean dialect that is distinct from the standard Korean spoken in Seoul.

English is less widely spoken than Seoul, although people in the main towns will likely understand more than those from the countryside areas.

Japanese is more widely spoken here than elsewhere in Korea.

Get in

By train

This region is well connected to Seoul via the high speed KTX train. Major stations include Busan, Ulsan and Miryang.

By plane

Busan's airport in Gimhae

International flights to Busan's Gimhae International Airport airport are from China, Japan and other east Asian countries. Incheon International Airport is also very well connected to this province, with high speed KTX trains getting you to Busan and other major cities within 150 minutes.

By boat

There are fast and slow ferries from Japan to the port of Busan.

Cruise ships do sometimes visit Busan as well.

Get around

By bus

Towns and cities in the region are very well connected via limousine bus.

By train

Train travel between towns is possible although this will often be a slower option than the bus.

By car

Car rental is possible, although be careful of the heavy traffic in Busan and the erratic driving style associated with this area.


Countryside around Miryang
Jinju Fortress


South Korea's most famous beach - Haeundae

Stay safe

There are not many safety issues specific to this region. Coastal cities have a minor risk of tsunamis, although for geographic reasons this much less of a concern than in nearby Japan.

Driving standards are generally regarded as less safe than Seoul.

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