South Coast Highway

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South Coast Highway is in Western Australia. It is part of Australian National Route 1, and travels along the south coast of Western Australia between Walpole and Esperance. The area around Albany is known as the Great Southern Region.


Map of south-western Western Australia with South Coast Highway highlighted in red

Although it is called 'south coast' the highway tends to be inland of the coast between Esperance and Albany. The section of the highway west of Albany to Walpole is closer to the coast with easier access.

The Albany to Esperance section does have roads and tracks to access parts of the coast, and many of these are well made roads. This section that goes inland also travels through the drier south eastern parts of the wheatbelt region.


If based in Perth or Albany, the highway is well catered for travellers and tourists, west of Albany. However distances between service stops between Albany and Esperance are further apart.

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