South Burlington

South Burlington is a city in Northwest Vermont. It is a suburb of Burlington and is the second largest city in the state. Unlike most sizable Vermont communities, it doesn't have a downtown of any sort since most of the city's development has occurred in the last few decades. The city has intelligently reserved a large tract of land near the busiest intersection in town to construct a downtown, however they haven't yet decided how they want this done. Unfortunately, there's nothing there but a dirt road(possibly the only one in the city) and some trees.

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By car

South Burlington is accessible via I-89 exit 14, US 2, and US 7.

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On foot

South Burlington is not a very walkable city. Although there are sidewalks, heavy traffic and long distances can make walking unpleasant or dangerous.

By bike

Some roads have bike lanes which makes cycling a viable option in some cases. However, be aware that not all of the busier roads have bike lanes and are often narrower than in other parts of the United States. Much of Williston Road should be avoided by cyclists.

By public transportation

South Burlington is served by several CCTA bus routes. The routes serve Shelburne Road, Williston Road, the University Mall, and Burlington International Airport.

By car

A car is the easiest way to get around the city, although traffic can be frustrating at times. Williston and Shelburne Roads should be avoided at rush hour.


South Burlington's suburban nature means there isn't a whole lot to see here aside from the standard views of the lake and mountains.



Vermont's largest mall, the University Mall, is located in South Burlington as well as many other chain retailers. There are also some local options worth exploring


You will also find national chains like Moe's, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Five Guys, McDonald's, and Burger King.





South Burlington doesn't have much in the way of nightlife aside from restaurant bars and the previously mentioned Higher Ground. The Upper Deck Pub located at The Windjammer has a decent bar and serves a lot of the same food as the restaurant downstairs, often at lower prices. Guild & Company is also well known for the quality of their cocktails. If coffee is what you're after, skip Starbuck's and try the coffee shop inside Healthy Living. If you really want nightlife in the area, head to Burlington or Winooski.


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