Soufrière Hills Volcano Hazard Zone

WARNING: The Soufrière Hills Volcano Hazard Zone is vulnerable to volcanic hazard and is a no-go area. There is a threat of lava bombs (flying rocks), pyroclastic flows and lahars. The Soufrière Hills volcano has been intermittently active since 1995, but there has been no major volcanic activity since February 2010.

The Soufrière Hills Volcano Hazard Zone covers the southern part of the island of Montserrat. The unpredictability of the Soufrière Hills Volcano has made 2/3 of the island a high-risk place to go due to lava bombs (flying rocks), pyroclastic flows and lahars, and so the Montserrat authorities have excluded people from this area.

The Central Montserrat Hazard Zones (to the north) are also considered to still be vulnerable to the effects of volcanic phenomena, although full or partial access (usually daytime only, during times of low volcanic activity) may be allowed to these various zones depending on hazard levels.


Soufrière Hills Volcano Hazard Zone (pink)

The town of Plymouth, a lost ghost town covered in ash after the volcano eruption is still the de jure capital of Montserrat.

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Visiting this area is not allowed. If you still want to have access to controlled areas, you'll need to get a license from the Royal Montserrat Police Force. File an application at the Salem Police Station.

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The only scheduled transportation off the island departs from Northern Montserrat, usually to Antigua.

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