Songshan National Park

Songshan National Park (嵩山国家公园) is located in Henan Province.


Song Shan is one of the five sacred Daoist Mountains. The national park is also home to something very Buddhist in nature - Shaolin Temple and the art of "kung fu". Several groups of ancient buildings within the park area are jointly on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Within the National park is the small town of Dengfeng, home to the area's accommodations and food establishments.

Get in

The park is about two hours from Zhengzhou. It's an easy day trip. Bus leave opposite the train station every 20-30 minutes all morning. Be warned: many of the bus tickets are actually tours, that may spend most of the day at auxiliary sites or eating lunch instead of the Shaolin complex. These tours do not include entrance fees. Try to make sure you're going on a direct bus, or hire a van, if you want to see it on your own. From bus station take bus no 1 to the end and hop on bus 8. Costs 3 yuan instead of 30 with tourist bus.






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