Solta is an island in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia, just to the west of the much larger island of Brac. Both are near the city of Split on the mainland.


Šolta belongs to the middle Dalmatian islands. It lies in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, near its eastern coast. In the northwest Šolta is 360km away from the coast of Marunska lagoon (the most drawn in part of the Adriatic), while from the Strait of Otranto (the border between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea) in the southeast it is 390 km. Šolta is 185km from the Italian coast and 10.7km from the Croatian mainland (Uranjica). It is 15 km (9 nautical miles) from Split.

Šolta is 19 km long (from the promontory Livka in the east of the island opened on Brač to the promontory Obinu‘ki bok in the west). The largest width is from the peninsula Rata in the eastern part of Nečujam to the peninsula in the western part of the cove of Senj and it is 4.9 km. The island’s coastline is 73.1 km long. Beside the main island, Šolta also consists of 7 islets outside the west port of Maslinica.



Gradac Village

Mirine west of Donje Selo

Grohote Village

Rogač Village

Nečujam Village

Stipanska Village

Gornje Selo Village

Sv. Jele

Maslinica Villare


The tourist community every summer season organises a contest for the best decorated and arranged apartment, house lot and a village. The main purpose of this is to stimulate and encourage competition between the owners of apartments and houses but also of the villagers so that the whole island of Šolta can greet its guests as graciously as possible. Every year as a prize the best get diplomas so if you see such a diploma in the house you’re staying in be sure that the owner did his best to welcome you!

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