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Soja (総社) is a city in Okayama Prefecture.

Get in

By train

You can travel directly to Soja from Okayama via the JR Kibi Line (¥410) or JR Hakubi Line (¥500) to Soja Station. The JR Hakubi Line can be used to access Soja from many cities in Okayama. From Kurashiki, you can get to Soja for only ¥240. From Takahashi, it costs ¥410, and from Niimi it costs ¥970. You can also travel on the JR Limited Express Yakumo 16 from Yonago for ¥4420.

By car

Route 180, which runs from Okayama to Yonago, cuts directly through Soja. The Okayama Expressway also travels through Soja. Those traveling from the north can connect in Maniwa via the Chugoku Expressway, and in the south it branches off from the Sanyo Expressway.

Get around

By bike

Thanks to the Kibi District Cycling Trail, Soja is a great place for biking. Most of the sites can be reached by bike, and the bike rental is located just outside Soja Station. You can rent a bike for two hours for 300 yen or for a day for 1000 yen.





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