Sohar Fort

Sohar is a city in Northern Oman, 100 km north of Muscat.


This is the home city of Sindbad the sailor and is located near the Sawadi Island diving paradise.

The coastal city of Sohar was once an important Islamic port and the largest town in the country. Nowadays, Sohar has a new port under construction, being built at a cost of RO120 million. The city is renowned for its copper deposits, and archaeological evidence points to copper extraction being carried out 5000 years ago. There are still three copper mines in operation in Sohar with over 18 million tonnes of copper deposits.

This is an attractive region for tourists due to its clean, safe beaches and the plethora of archaeological features. Visitors will be attracted to its large souq with handy tailors, fruit sellers and fishermen vying for space, and its fort which stands apart with its four-story walls and six towers, an imposing sight overlooking the bay.

One of the first references to 'Sohar' is in the work of historian, Yaqut al Hamawi who implies that the city took its name in the 6th century AH from a descendant of Noah: Sohar bin Adam bin Sam bin Noah. When the Palestinian Arab scholar Muqadisi visited the city in 10th century AH he described it as a "flourishing city with a large number of people living there. It is a beautiful city with a comfortable life, …and its mosque overlooks the sea…the Mihrab (indicator of the direction for prayers) changes colour because it is covered in copper…".

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The long quiet beach is ideal for jogging, with or without shoes.



A number of Omani coffee shops are present which serve Omani food such as shwarma. Other than that Pizza-Hut, Penguin, KFC are in the centre, along with Omar Khayyam, Golden Goal, Milan and Sunlight restaurants offer Indian dishes. There are two bakeries Muscat Bakery and Switz. Also Lebanese restaurants such as "Lobnan Al Akhdhar".


The only bar where you can drink alcohol is at Sohar Beach Hotel


Al Wadi Hotel

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