Air sport

Air sport is all kinds of sport in the air.

Ballooning is flying in a hot air balloon.

Skydiving or Parachuting is a sport in which you exit a plane from altitude, freefall for a short while and then deploy a parachute to fly safely to the ground. Typically, general aviation is used to get into the air.

Paragliding is done with a parachute-like wing.

Hanggliding is done with an unpowered wing, jumping from a mountain or other vantage point.


Ballooning is typically done in a hot air balloon, which cruises with the wind.

Destinations: Albuquerque, Marrakech, Goreme.


There are many dropzones around the world. Most dropzones will provide accommodation of some sort.


South Africa

Parachuting in South Africa is governed by PASA

North America

United States of America

Australia and Oceania


New Zealand



Parachuting in The Netherlands is governed by the KNVvL, division para


United Kingdom

Parachuting in the United Kingdom is governed by the British Parachute Association

Beginner courses

There are generally 3 ways to do your first jump.

Get in

The dropzone will provide a plane to take you to jump altitude.


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