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Skibotn is a city in Troms.

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Skibotn is near two highways, E8 and E6, that merge just south of it. The nearest airport is in Tromsø, only a 2 hours drive from Skibotn. You can also drive north from Kilpisjärvi, Finland which is only a 45 minute drive, although the nearest airport in that direction is in Enontekiö, 2.5 hours away.


Due to its favorable position in the auroral belt, and also being one of the driest places in Norway, Skibotn is a superb location to watch Northern lights. A good spot is for example near the   Skibotn Astrophysical Observatory. It is located well away from city light pollution.

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Routes through Skibotn

Kirkenes Alta  N  S  Bardufoss Narvik
END Tromsø  W  E  Kilpisjärvi Tornio

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