An overview of Skardu

Skardu is a town in the region of the same name in the Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

Skardu, capital of Baltistan is perched 2,438 metres above sea level in the backdrop of the great peaks of the Karakorams. Balti people are a mixture of Tibetan and Caucasian stock and speak Balti, an ancient form of Tibetan. Due to the similarity of its culture, lifestyle and architecture with Tibet, Baltistan is also known as the "Tibet-e-Khurd" (Little Tibet).

It borders on the Chinese province of Xinjiang and Indian Kashmir. The tourist season is from April to October. The maximum temperature is 27 C and minimum (October) 8 C. Apart from its incomparable cluster of mountain peaks and glaciers Baltistan's five valleys, - Shigar, Skardu, Khaplu, Rondu and Kharmang are noted for their luscious peaches, apricots, apples and pears.

Get in

By air

Pakistan International Airlines flies daily from Islamabad. However, since the pilots fly by sight with no computer navigation the flight only goes on clear days. During the flight it's possible to catch a glimpse of Nanga Parbat (the 9th highest mountain in the world) and K2 (the 2nd highest mountain in the world. The air journey is full of thrills and could itself be regarded as the highlight of the visit. After following the same air route, which connects Gilgit to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the plane turns right and flies over the gorge of the Indus River.

By road

Skardu can be reached by bus from Islamabad. The drive takes you all the way over the KKH (Karakoram Highway).

Since the KKH is still under construction and the Skardu road still has to be repaired, the road can take up to 36 hours by public transport (cost approx. 1500 Rupees).

It's also possible to get to Skardu from Gilgit. Though it's less than 200 km the journey takes close to 8 hours by public transport.

Get around

Most places in Skardu town are within a 30 minute walk. It's easy to get a taxi or hire a driver for trips outside of the town.




Baltistan is known for its "Pattu" - hand woven woollen cloth for jackets and coats. Also, colourful intricately embroidered "Chugas" (Baltistani gown) and wooden spoons at Skardu bazaar.

Shopping Centres

Naya Bazar, Old Bazar, Botto Bazar, Hussain Chowk, Alamdar Chowk, Kazmi Bazar, Gamba Bazar, Benazir Chowk, Yadgar Chowk etc.

Baltistan Gems, Jewellery and Antique(regd), cell 0092-344-620-10-60, email: Baltistan Gems is a big gem and jewellery exporters. Address: New Bazaar, Near Qatal Gah Chock.

Handicraft Shops

Eat Email ph.+92 5815 455494 Mob.+92 3009091494




ph.+92 5815 455494 Mob.+92 3009091494


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