Çifte Minareli Medrese in Sivas

Sivas is a city in northeastern part of Central Anatolia, Turkey.



Sivas is very old city in Anatolia. Its name was Sebastiapolis in Byzantium period and it was an important city in the theme of Cappadocia. After Turks arrived, the city became an important centre during Seljuk period. In Ottoman period, Sivas was the capital of the province of Rum.

Sivas Congress was an assembly of the Turkish National Movement held from 4 September to 11 September 1919, which lead to the War of Independence.


Summers in Sivas are hot and dry but with low levels of humidity, and winters are bitterly cold. As with most other parts of Anatolian highland, nights even in summer are a bit chilly in Sivas, so don't forget to pack along at least a cardigan with you.

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By plane

There are daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport (VAS). A number of other cities across Turkey are also served with less frequent flights. In summer, there are weekly flights from Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

By train

Trains from:

A sleeping berth on Güney Express from Istanbul costs 55 TL.

See Turkish State Railways website for more details .

By bus

As Turkish bus system is extensive, you can find buses from many cities in Turkey, including Istanbul (70 TL one-way, which takes around 14 hours) and Ankara among many others.

Get around

By bus

There are several bus line in city center.

By taxi

Here is a list of average prices for taxi rides along some important routes in Sivas:


Divriği Ulu Camii, Şifaiye Medresesi, Çifte Minare, Ulu Camii, Sivas Castle


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The telephone code of the city (and surrounding towns) is (+90) 346.

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There are a number of spas in the countryside surrounding Sivas.

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