Sittard is a city in the region South Limburg, in the Dutch province of Limburg.


Sittard is a city in the Dutch province of Limburg, which is the southernmost province of the Netherlands. On the east Sittard borders on Germany (municipality Selfkant, in North Rhine-Westphalia). It has some 48,400 inhabitants (including those of neighbouring villages Munstergeleen, Limbricht, Einighausen and Guttecoven). Sittard is part of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen.

Sittard has a small historic city centre with numerous architectural monuments, including several old churches (St Peter's, St Michael's, Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) and a few half-timbered houses. The city has retained part of its city wall. On the south-eastern side of the city centre, the St Rosa chapel crowns the Kollenberg hill. Museum "Het Domein" is situated in a converted nineteenth century school building in the city centre. It focuses on contemporary art, urban history and archeology.

Get in

By train

The main train station is located at a 10 minutes walk from the city center. Sittard is served by intercity and regional train services. The intercity trains coming from the north (thus from the directions of Amsterdam, Utrecht, 's Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven, Weert, Roermond) are split in two here, with one part continuing to Heerlen and another to Maastricht. In the opposite direction, the two trains are combined here to continue north as one.

Regional trains pass through from the directions of Echt, Roermond, Heerlen and Maastricht.

By bus

The bus terminal is next to the trainstation. The bus operator in Sittard and surrounding cities is Veolia , with lines to most of the smaller town in the region but also to larger destinations like Heerlen, Maastricht, Roermond, and Geleen.

Get around

On foot and bike

As nearly all stores, restaurants and bars are located in the center, walking is a good way to get around Sittard. From the main railway station, it's a 10 minute walk through the Steenweg to reach the Market and most of the sights. The streets in the center are pretty much free of cars and bicycles.

Bike rentals:

By bus

Veolia offers bus connections from Sittards railway station to the surroundings. You can plan your trip door-to-door using , though results vary. Busses run twice an hour to most locations. Fares are €2 per zone.

By car or taxi

If you have a car, try parking outside the city center as it is much cheaper or even free. Renting a car is only useful if you want to head to the outskirts of town or even other cities or villages. The city center is small enough to do on foot, but also mostly car free. Taxi's are a fairly expensive way to get around, but you can find them at the trainstation.


Sittard has a quite interesting and historic city center. Just wandering around for a while will give you a fair idea of the town, but make sure to include some of its ancient churches in your tour.




The lively city center is a popular place for general shopping. On any sunny Saturday afternoon you'll find large crowds combining a day of shopping in the charming streets with a bit of relaxing on the market square terraces.


The Markt and surrounding streets are your best bet when looking for a place to eat. Popular places include:


Sittard is not only a reasonably large town, but it also has a large higher education institution, whose students of course encourage the city's nightlife. Most of the café's and bars are located on and around the market square, so just head there and explore the different establishments, especially on Saturday nights.


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