Sitia is a city in the Sea of Crete region of Greece.


Sitia, 18 km from Palekastro and 60 from Ierapetra, with a population of 9500 people, is the easternmost city on Crete and perhaps the least developed. Even during the busy summer peak, Sitia retains a certain charm and laid-back style. On the other hand, this means that it is not deserted in the winter, like other tourist resorts of Crete.

During the Venetian occupation the town of Sitia was destroyed three times. In 1508 by a terrible earthquake, in 1538 by the pirate Barbarosa and in 1651 by the Venetians so as not to fall in the hands of the Turks. For two centuries Sitia ceased to exist as a town, until 1869. The present city was built in 1870.

Sitia is the seat of administrative and public services for the county.

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By plane

Sitia has an airport with connection to Athens, Kassos, Karpathos,Rhodes and some charter flights abroad.

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By boat

Sitia has road and sea connections with various places in the island and with Pireaus and other Aegean islands.


It has been inhabited since the Minoan period. At Petra, to the east of the town, a section of ancient settlement has been excavated.


View of Chamezi village, Sitia municipality, from the south as of Nov 2015; the Chamezi Viaduct construction site of E-75 is in the foreground

Strolling on the streets of Sitia

There is not too many tourists in Sitia, therefore you can really observe daily life of Sitians by walking through the town. You can pick into the small shops, and stores, listen to old ladies gossiping, watch old men sipping their coffee.

Sitia's harbor

Sitia has beautiful harbor full of colorful small fishing boats, and good restaurants , tavernas and cafes. This harbor is much different then the one in Rethymno or Chania because it is not too commercialized yet. This harbor serves more Sitia's citizens and their families rather than tourists and that's what is good about it.

Information Center on Sitia's harbor

There is a little building on the corner of K.Karamanli and A.Papandreou, right on the harbor.

You can get there lots of information on where to go and what to see. You can get there a list with all the events for July and August, like shows, fiestas, concerts etc.

The lady at the Information Center was very helpful, she can show you on the map where are the best beaches and good tavernas.

You can get there a phone number to Hotel Union of Sitia 2843 0 28428. They can help with finding a room in Sitia, especially if you are on the budget and want to have your room booked ahead.

Phone: +30 2843028300 Address: corner of K.Karamanli & A.Papandreou- on harbor Directions: little building on the corner of K.Karamanli and A.Papandreou, right on the harbor.


Kali Kardia Tavern

Kali Kardia Tavern is located two blocks from Sitia harbor. You don't get a view of the Sitia bay, but you also don't have to pay for it. What you get is fantastic food, honest portions, and honest prices, not to mention the street scene which is always interesting to observe. Phone: +30 2843022249 Address: Foundalidou street 22 Directions: Foundalidou street between N. Kazantzaki & Metaxaki (2 blocks from the harbor)

Sitia Cafe

Place to go to for your morning orange juice or coffee fix. Great atmosphere. Coffee and orange juice superb and not overprices. Bathroom clean. The place also had an internet but it was not always working....perhaps in the future the problem will be fixed. Address: K. Karamanli street, Sitia Directions: on the corner of K. Karamanli street and A. Papandreou street

Tzivaeri Rakadiko

This place is busy with greeks enjoying their late dinner. This food is a fusion of greek cuisine and fast food, meaning, that it was still greek food, but mostly deep fried, greek salads however are huge and superb.

Address: the corner of E. Venizelou and Kapetan Sifi - right on the harbor


People go there for meat dishes. The whole place has nice decor with beautiful view.

Address: E Venizelou & N. Kazantzaki corner - right on the harbor


There are a lot of choices for accommodation in Sitia. There are some hotels near the harbour of the town. There are also one or two luxurious hotels, category A. But you can find cheap and expensive rooms or apartments as well. Some of them are new built and there are ideal for spending your holidays. Either in town or a suburb all of them are very close to the sea and keep the conditions for a good stay either you choose a cheap or an expensive solution.

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