Trail in Sipoonkorpi Nature Reserve

Sipoo (Swedish:Sibbo) is a municipality in Uusimaa, about 25 km east of Helsinki. It includes the towns of Nikkilä (Nickby) – which is also its administrative centre – and Söderkulla, plus a couple of smaller villages.


The character of Sipoo varies a lot, some is suburbs of Helsinki, some is traditional countryside and some archipelago.

Get in

You can get in by car, bus, boat or bike from Helsinki and Porvoo.

Regional buses 785 through 788 run from the Rautatientori square in central Helsinki to Nikkilä in central Sipoo. Note that Sipoo is outside the HSL metropolitan area, and thus you have to pay for the "Koko alue" ("Whole area") ticket to get to Sipoo. The trip between Rautatientori and Nikkilä takes about an hour per direction.



Kayaking in the archipelago.

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