Sinop's main shopping street

Sinop is a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Sinop is a charming Black Sea port town with excellent views. You can easily spend a day here wandering around the town, restaurants and sea front, although you could also easily see everything in half a day.

Get in

There is a daily Turkish Airlines morning flight to Istanbul-Atatürk Airport.

Get around

Sinop is easily navigable by foot. Parking is likely to be difficult in the summer.

View of Sinop Harbor


Sinop has impressive fortifications running through much of the town. The walls stand at 3 meters thick and up to 30 meters high, with 7 large towers. There is a statue of the Greek philosopher Diogenes (of Sinop) holding a lamp, supposedly looking for an honest man, and being followed by a dog, whose honesty he admired.


Between 9 and 23 August near Sinop - a proposed site for a nuclear power plant - the international activist gathering Ecotopia will be held .


Grilled fish at one of the small restaurants.


Get up early and visit one of the local bakeries for a fresh loaf of Ekmek (a sourdough bread). Served hot and sometimes with butter and honey - It is a treat for the taste buds. A warm cup of tea goes well with this treat.

There is a large number of informal open-air cafes along the harbor serving deliciously fresh fish.


One of the fortified towers has turned into a cafe/bar, and is a great place to get a drink. It also has a good night scene. The mavi esinti cafe is on the sea front and have free wifi connection.


In August 2012: the price is 30TL for a basic double room. Bathroom and WC are smelly. The general cleaning is not enought. No wifi.

Go next

A direct bus leaves Sinop at 8 PM, and arrives in Trabzon at 6 AM, and continues on to Rize.

Routes through Sinop

Akçakoca Amasra  W  E  Samsun Trabzon

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