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Silay City, dubbed the Paris of Negros because of its European architecture inspired houses which had been declared historical landmarks, because of this it is the second museum city in the Philippines next to Vigan. Located in the province of Negros Occidental, it is second class urbanized city and what does Silay have to offer? Silay is Western Visayas' center for arts, culture and ecotourism and might be as close as the province can get to the dazzling streets of Europe because of its well preserved European colonial houses.

Get in

Bacolod-Silay Airport (IATA: BCD), is served by the two major airlines of the Philippines and connects Silay and the whole of Negros Occidental with Manila, Cebu and Davao. Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, have daily connections. Take a taxi from Silay airport to Silay city proper on arrival. Silay is about 30-45 minutes away from Bacolod by car, and buses also cater to passengers from Bacolod to Silay.

Get around

Balay Negrense in Silay

By taxis

Taxis are the best option for getting around Silay however some of them might offer you a fixed price because of the distance of your destination or either if you're a tourist but if they do offer you a fixed price don't accept it, get out of the taxi as soon as possible and look for another one or either try threatening the driver that you will call the police as fixed prices are illegal, always pay according to the meter and keep a close watch at the meter as some of the drivers might cheat on you. If you plan to give a tip better round off the fare for example if it is 90 pesos better give him 100 pesos and also tell him to keep the change. Flagdown rate for taxis is 30 pesos.

By tricycles

Tricycles are small and often cramped for two people however they're the cheapest mode of transportation for getting around alone.

By jeepneys

The cheapest mode of transportation if you choose not to travel alone, it is the local version of buses. Don't forget to ask for a discount if you're a senior citizen or a student. Flag down rates for jeepneys nationwide is 7 pesos, jeepneys have fixed routes. One can easily go anywhere in Silay by riding a tricycle which cost Php 8.00 per passenger within the city limits only. Riding a jeepney to Bacolod will cost Php 15.00 per passenger and Php 18.00 on aircon shuttles.


The main attractions in Silay are the well preserved European houses. Drop off by the tourist info desk near the city hall and get a map of the ancestral homes.


Painted ceiling at the Silay Catholic church



Nationwide the native alcoholic drink "Tuba" is famous, San Miguel Beer is another option. Bought can be easily bought in stores.


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