Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is a village in Tunisia.

Entrance to the top
A door in Sidi Bou Said

Get in

It is on the Tunis, Carthage TGM light rail line (station Sidi Bou Said). You may drive by car. Traffic is OK. There is free parking (uphill, to the right), which may be overbooked on weekends. The best time to visit is early autumn or spring (March-early April/late October-November), before the assault of package tourists begins, when you can still walk alone on the narrow streets, around white-blue traditional houses, enjoying the views. If you are there during the summer months, it is advisable to visit not just the jam-packed tourist main street but also the emptier inner parts of the neighbourhood.

Get around

The village is quite small, and you can visit every street of the village in no more than two-three hours. On the top of the hill there is a beautiful view of the surrounding bay.




Sidi Bou Said has stunning whites and blues all over the village - take plenty of photos.


Like many other Arab settlements around the world, Sidi Bou Said has a small souk year round, selling basic commodities for the locals. In addition, during tourist seasons, souvenir stalls litter the lower part of the main street of the village. A traditional product manufactured in Sidi Bou Said are bird cages, coloured in white and blue, like the roofs of the village. Don't forget to haggle.


Be sure to eat the locally grown dates.



There are a couple of places to stay in Sidi Bou Said itself.

You can easily find hotel rooms in nearby Tunis or Carthage. Additionally, if really lucky, you might rent a room for a night or two in a house, from a village resident. However, this is rare, since the locals are quite rich and rarely have any interest in sharing their home with total strangers.

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