Siófok is a town on the south coast of Lake Balaton. The charming little town is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hungary. The population is around 35,000 people but in the summer season there is another 200,000 people being on vacation at the same time. The name of the city means Cape Sió (Sió is a river bringing water into river Danube).


Siófok sunset

Siófok is mostly famous of its huge nightlife and the never ending parties specially in the weekends. The town is often called "the partying capital of Hungary". But it is important to know that outside of the town centre there are many quiet and peaceful beaches and strands for every age groups. The party season usually begins by the start of the summer break at schools and the end of the spring term at universities which is the end of June, early July. The last party events are on the final weekend before the start of school.


Siófok is located on a fairly flat area at the south-east end of Balaton. As the north shore is quite hilly the wind usually hits the south coast bringing some random heavy storms usually in late June but other than that the climate is very hot all summer specially in August when the temperature can go up to 35 degrees in Celsius. People who don't like too hot weather can travel to the lake in May when it is not that hot but warm enough to jump in the water and to get suntanned.


Many tourists come to the city every summer (more and more every year). About 60% of the tourists come from Germany and there is a history of German tourism to Lake Balaton. Many school trips take place in the town with students arriving mostly from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.

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Musical pavilon in Siófok

By plane

There is a small international airport in Sármellék about an hour away from Siófok with flights arriving from many European cities especially London, Zürich, Dublin, Stockholm, Berlin and Frankfurt. The town can be connected to many parts of the World by using Budapest's international airports which are circa 150 kilometers from Siófok.

By car

Siófok can be accessed directly from the M7 motorway (part of European Routes E65 and E71) or using national route 7, which is passing through the city.

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Siófok may not have a huge population, but in the summer it is capable of hosting hundreds of thousands of people. As most of the visitors are interested in the Lake Balaton, the city has a length of almost 15 kilometers. The most practical way of getting around is using a bicycle or a moped, both of which can be rented in Siófok for ~8 / ~15 Euros per day, respectively.

Siófok has a local bus system; the local transportation company charges ~1.5 Euros per trip. As the city has four train stops along the Budapest-Nagykanizsa railroad, it is very common to take the train from one end of the city to the city center or to the other end. It is probably the fastest way, although it takes quite a planning as trains stopping at each of the stations are a bit rare.

Taxis have a flat rate which changes from summer to summer. 10-15 Euros per trip is general.


Fő tér (Main Square) with Water Tower

Further afield



Traditional Hungarian food made by locals can be tasted if you come in August, when the Bogrács fesztivál (Cauldron festival) takes place. Several different types of goulash, Hungarian fish soup are just a few of the dishes you want to give a chance to.


Aerial view of the harbour

ATMs and Banks




Café Móló, Szent István sétány 1. . Café Móló is one of the most popular bars in Siófok. It's not the cheapest place so it is mostly visited by people over the age of 25. There is a sandy beach right in front of the restaurant so you can enjoy the sunset whilst having a colourful cocktail.
Bacardi Music Café, Petőfi sétány 5. . During the day this terraced place is a cocktail bar and osteria. When the night begins they open the dancefloor in the back and it often ends up in great parties.



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Siófok postal code is: H-8600

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