Shunde (顺德; Shùndé) is a city near Foshan, in Guangdong Province in China.


Shunde is well-known in the Guangdong province as a place with great Chinese food. Its population and economy is starting to grow and its rapid economic growth is mainly due to furniture production while increase in population is due to an influx of workers. With this influx of people seeking work, there has been an increase in popular services like body massage, foot massage and spas.


It locates in South China where the climate is damp and hot.

Get in

By air

The nearest airport is the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. There is an airport express service that leaves the airport hourly 7AM-6:30PM.

By boat

It is possible to take a cruise in from Hong Kong.

By land

The main bus terminal in Shunde is in Daliang District. The Daliang Bus Station has coaches coming in from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Dongguan and also from Guangxi, Jiangsi, Hunan, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shanghai and other provinces.


Enjoying a great and relaxing body massage is a must during your visit to Shunde.

Shunde is also famous for their foot massages and washing of feet(沐足), being a lifestyle for many of the locals. Many shops are found in the district of daliang, along gui pan (桂畔路). It is approximately 40-60yuan for a session for an hour.

Another common lifestyle for the locals is washing of hair at salons, 洗头。 Generally every hair salon offer this service, accompanied with a head and neck massage. Costs range from 10-20yuan.


While not generally considered to be in the same league as its neighbours with regards to shopping, with the increase of middle-class individuals, Shunde is seeing an increase in the number of shopping centres.


There is a saying in Shunde '食在广东,厨出风城' which means when you eat in Guangdong, you are actually eating in Shunde, in reference to the many great chefs in Guangdong Province who originated from this small town.

One must-try is the Double-Skin Milk (Shuangpinai双皮奶). It is a famous cantonese dessert that originated in this town. It tastes a bit like custard and can be eaten hot or cold, or mixed with other desserts. Besides double-skin milk, one have to try the other desserts too. A famous dessert shop is ren xin(仁信老铺), which offers a large variety of desserts for individual taste buds.


Drinking traditionally begins at dinner and spills over to local bars afterward. KTV (karaoke) is a popular past time, and is as much about the beer as the singing. If beer is not your taste, try the Chinese rice wine...clear and strong!


There are many small and mid-range hotels to choose from in Shunde.




Stay safe

Whilst not free from crime, Shunde is generally safer than the bigger cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan. Nevertheless, it helps to watch out for pickpockets who have been known to work in public buses and other crowded areas. In addition, avoid going out alone at night and wearing flashy clothes and accessories.

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