Shumen (Bulgarian: Шумен) is a city in northeastern part of Bulgaria.


If you go to Shumen you have to see the big memorial "1300 years Bulgaria". It is made for the 1300th anniversary of existing of Bulgaria. In the memorial there are represented moments of the Bulgarian history. On the top of the memorial there is depicted a lion head. The memorial is placed on a plateau with the name Ilchov Bair. In it's foot there is Sumen. You can easy see the memorial from the city and therefor it gives it charm. At night the memorial is lighted up with the colors of the Bulgarian flag. The city and the memorial are connected with 1300 stairs and a road. Here is the official site of the memorial:


One of the attractions in the city is the sport paragliding. You can see in the pictures in the following site what is paragliding in Sumen :


You can sleep in Hotel Madara or Hotel Shumen.

If you don't like hotels there are many lodgings in the city.

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