Shiyan (十堰; Shíyàn ) is a city in Northwest Hubei Province, central China.

Get in

By plane

Xiangfan Airport is about 100km away. There are flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Get around

Cheap way: From the Wudang Shan train station to the mountain you can take the Green Express bus that is usually right out side. If it is not there the local bus will pick you up at the main street. You will want to go East (turn right off the small road). Some of the local buses will stop in the Wudan town center in which case you need to transfer busses going the same direction. Your final stop is usually marked by a line of taxis, and a big white gate. From the gate you need to buy a ticket to come up the mountain. Once on the mountain buses are free. Taxi: A taxi driver will ask you for 60元 to take you to the Gate. It should not be hard to talk them down to 30元, or even 10 if they are desperate that day.

From Shiyan City A bus from Shiyan to Wudang Mountain is 10元. If you ask around "wo (wo in wonder) yao (ou in out) qu (sounds like chew) wudangshan"


The purple cloud monastery in the Wudang mountains

Wudang Mountain 武当山 (Wudang Shan) is a beautiful mountain with a fascinating history. Several old buildings have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as "The Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains".

Jin Ding 金顶 was built at the same time as the Forbidden city as a thanks to the God Zhen Wu for helping the emperor take over the country. The Carefree Valley 逍遥谷 is a beautiful hike with monkeys, waterfalls, and fresh water pools large enough to take a dip. Xia Guan 下观 at the end of the Carefree valley is a working farm on an 600 year old temple complex. Nan Yan 南岩 is a stunning temple built into a cliff face.


Study Kung Fu. Wudang Kung Fu is one of the two most famous styles of Chinese martial arts. There are many schools to choose from. You can study for a day or for years.

Si Shifu 司师父 If you are interested in learning fighting techniques this is one of the best schools on the mountain.

Purple Heaven Palace School If you are interested in learning Taiji for the sake of motion and beauty, this is one of the best schools.


Hotels on Wudang Mountain are by and large very expensive. The Wudang Hostel however has beds for only 40元 a night. Otherwise, you can pitch a tent for only 10元。The hike to the hostel is long, but the 73 year old farmer who lives down at the hostel hikes up every day (with vegetables to sell). The hostel is located on the grounds of an abandoned temple, along a beautiful hiking trail. It also has a good restaurant frequented by local farmers: Breakfast 15元, Lunch 35元, Dinner 35元.

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