Shirakami Sanchi - view from the "mountain ridge" trail

Shirakami-Sanchi (白神山地) is a World Heritage Site in the northern Tohoku region of Japan, straddling the prefectures of Akita and Aomori.


Shirakami-Sanchi is one of Japan's, and Asia's, few remaining beech (ブナ buna) forests.

Tucked away in a remote, mountainous corner of the cold north, Shirakami-Sanchi is snowed in and all but inaccessible between November and May.

Get in


Konan Bus (弘南バス) runs 3-4 buses per day from spring to early autumn from Hirosaki railway station to Aqua Green Village (アクアグリーンビレッジ) near the rather impressive Anmon-no-taki waterfall in the unrestricted zone. The bus information desk, to the left of the bus stops in front of the railway station, has a pamphlet in English with bus schedules, rudimentary maps, etc. At last visit (in summer 2011) there was a discount on return tickets available, but only if you buy ticket's beforehand, at the bus information desk mentioned before. One-way is ¥1600, return tickets are ¥2400.


Access to protected buffer zone, around the World Heritage site, requires a permit from the Aomori office of the Tohoku Regional Forest Office (tel. 017-781-2117, ), and the bureaucracy pretty much requires that you can handle Japanese or get someone to do it for you. However, the park's most popular attractions, including the Anmon-no-Taki Falls, do not require permits. And there is also a good trail along the border to the restricted zone

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For a day trip there are mainly two options:



Furofushi hot spring

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