For the Shiga Kogen ski resort, see Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.

Shiga prefecture (滋賀県 Shiga-ken) is in Kansai region of Japan. See also Biwako Visitors Bureau for tourism information in English.


Shiga was formerly known as the province of Ōmi (近江). Shiga is adjacent to Kyoto and Nara, so there are many historic spots such as temples, shrines, castles and ninja houses. Also Shiga has the largest lake and is enclosed by mountain ranges, so you can easily enjoy the wonderful natural views.

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Tenhorindo in the Enryakuji Temple complex

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Omihachiman's Historic District


It may not have the name recognition of Kobe beef, but Omi beef is very famous among Japanese gourmets, and every local town will have an (expensive) speciality restaurant. If you want to try it at a reasonable price, you can buy Omi beef ekiben (box lunches sold at a station) at JR Maibara station.

Funazushi (鮒寿司) is a famous local sushi. Made from anaerobically fermented funa (鮒), a local freshwater carp, the recipe dates back thousands of years and is in fact the original form of sushi. It's famously stinky and an acquired taste even among the Japanese.

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