Shida Kartli

Shida Kartli (Georgian: შიდა ქართლი, meaning "Upper Kartli") is the part of Georgia's Kartli region that lies to the south of South Ossetia. Gori is the principal city and administrative center of the region.


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Shida Kartli is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Georgians and shares its culture closely with the neighboring regions. Its former northern part, South Ossetia, has always been culturally distinct and is now a de facto separate state from Georgia.


Georgian is the main language, but a large minority also speaks Russian.

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The most interesting sites in Shida Kartli are unquestionably the amazing, ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe near Gori, and the Stalin Museum in the center of Goria visitor to the region should skip neither. Gori has several other interesting historical sites, including a Roman Empire-era fortress, Gori Jvari (a small mountain top monastery), and other Stalin-related sites (being, as it is, Stalin's hometown).

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Southern Shida Kartli is a perfectly safe travel destination, but it is generally inadvisable to travel much farther north than Gori.

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Gori the main hub for regular connections heading south towards Georgia's main east-west highway. Going from Shida Kartli to Tbilisi is straightforward. Travelers wishing to head west towards Imereti and Kutaisi, however, should plan to go to the bus station early as there is considerably less traffic headed in this direction.

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