Shenyang (沈阳 Shěnyáng), historically Mukden, is the capital of Liaoning Province in China.


Capital of Liaoning Province and the largest city in the northeast of China, Shenyang is a city steeped in history. Nuhaci built his imperial palace and was laid to rest in one of the first two imperial tombs of the Qing Dynasty, Fuling Tomb. His son is buried in Zhaoling tomb, which is the second of the first two imperial tombs. The imperial palace and the two tombs are all listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. It was in Shenyang that the Russian army was defeated by the Japanese in 1905. It was also here, on September 18th, 1931 that the Mukden incident ignited a war between China and Japan that would see the Japanese occupation of all of Northeast China. This city was also the home to the warlord Zhang Zuolin and his son Zhang Xueliang who ruled over the Northeast during the 1920's. The 20th century saw Shenyang develop as a major industrial centre. Today the city is rapidly losing its older structures with large scale construction throughout the city, like all cities in China.


 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) −5 −1 7 17 23 27 29 28 24 16 6 −2
Nightly lows (°C) −16 −12 −4 4 11 17 21 19 12 4 −4 −12
Precipitation (mm) 6 7 18 39 54 92 166 162 75 43 19 10
Sunshine (hrs/day) 5.2 6.3 7.2 7.9 8.3 8.0 6.7 7.1 7.6 6.8 5.4 4.9

Averages for the city

Shenyang has a monsooon-influenced continental climate with large seasonal variation. Winters are very cold, but dry, and can easily feature nights of −20 °C or below. Summers are hot and humid, with daytime temperatures near 30 °C, rarely pushing above into the high 30s °C, though.


Shenyang consists of the following districts:

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By plane

The city is served by the Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (沈阳桃仙国际机场; Shěnyángtáoxiān Guójìjīchǎng; airport code SHE), as well as by several smaller, regional airports. There are direct flights to Shenyang from most Chinese airports.

Direct international flights includes (but not limited to) Seoul and Cheongju in South Korea; Pyongyang in North Korea; Irkutsk and Khabarovsk in Russia; Frankfurt, Osaka, Tokyo and Vancouver.

The airport is located 30 km south of the city. Tramway line 2 opened in 2013 to connect the airport with the Shenyang subway system. With the transfer to the subway it takes a bit over an hour to get into downtown. An airport shuttle also runs from the airport to the main China Northern Airlines ticket office (117 Zhonghua Road; 中华路117号; Zhōnghuálù) and back frequently.

By car

Shenyang is connected by a major expressway, the 6-lane Jingshen Expressway, from Beijing, some 685 km (425 mi) away. Expressways also link Shenyang with Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. The Shenda Expressway connecting Shenyang and Dalian was the first expressway ever built in China (383 km /238 mi). It is the fastest highway (8-lane) linking one of the largest port cities to Shenyang.

By train

Train service is provided through two train stations, the North Railway Station and the Railway Station. The North Railway Station handles the majority of the long-distance trains while the Railway Station handles most of the northeast trains and does local service around the province. Some trains travel to both stations so be aware of which station you need to board your train. High Speed Rail is available from both stations (D train). Both train stations are connected with metro.

North Railway Station (沈阳北站; Shěnyáng Běizhàn) at Beizhan Road (北站路; Běizhànlù), Line 1

Railway Station (沈阳火车站; Shěnyáng Huǒchēzhàn) at Shengli Beijie (胜利北街; Shènglìběijiē), Line 2

By bus

Long distance bus service is handled by two bus stations.

Main Long-Distance Bus Station (Shenyang Qiche Kuaisu Keyun Zhan) Located on Huigong Jie, this station serves routes to and from major cities. You can also find night buses to Beijing being hawked outside the north train station.

South Bus Station Buses queue along Minzhu Lu (opposite the south train station), around Minzhu Square and some nearby streets. On most buses you pay the conductor on the bus but for Anshan and Liaoyang you must purchase tickets at the office on the east side of Minzhu Square. These buses run medium distance routes to neighbouring cities within Liaoning. Buses stop departing this bus stations around 18:00. Passengers arriving to this station may be offloaded from the bus on a nearby street or some distance away at a yard used for storing coaches, sited behind the post office on Zhongshan Jie.

Get around

Sights in the old city, Shenhe District, can be walked between, but other areas such as those in Beiling or Dongling require transport.

Shenyang Metro Map

The first line of the Shenyang Metro, running east-west across the city and serving the train station, opened in 2010. A second line running north-south across the city and transmit in Qingnian dajie Station with first line.

Shenyang has a comprehensive bus system, but it can be incomprehensible if you do not read Chinese. Make sure you pick up a city bus and area map at either train station. Very handy to help get around. Buses charge ¥1-2 and major bus lines congregate around the train stations. Bus 203 travels between the two train stations.

There are plenty of taxis whose meters start at ¥8 for 3 kilometers, then ¥1.8 per kilometer. Make sure you get a taxi in which the meter is mounted on the dashboard and easily visible from your seat instead of behind the gear shift - it is possible the driver may be pulling some sleight of hand to increase your fare. As of January 2011, there is a huge construction project at Government Square in the center of the city. Traffic around the area is quite congested so many taxis will often go around the square instead of through it.


Dazheng Hall, oldest building at Mukden Palace
City wall


Winter sports

There are three ski resort areas within Shenyang prefecture.

Northeast Asia Ski Resort (东北亚滑雪场 Dongbeiya Huaxue Chang), Magang, Xingchengzi District (28 km /17 mi outside of Shenyang). With 700,000 square metres of skiing area, this is the biggest ski resort. Daytime skiing ¥135 for two hours and night skiing is ¥125. Discounts for groups of 15 or more are available..

Baiqingzhai Ski Field (白清寨滑雪场), Sujiatun District (40 km/25 mi out). The site includes a freestyle aerial skiing and off-piste areas. Total area is 530,000 square meters. Daytime skiing ¥135 for two hours and night skiing is ¥120. Discounts for groups of 15 or more are available..

Qipanshan Ice and Snow World (棋盘山冰雪大世界) (20 km outside, take bus 330),  +86 24 88050020, 22723117, fax: +86 24 22734066. 09:00-22:00 daily, winter only. Within Qipanshan Scenic Area and covering an area of 500,000 square meters. Daytime skiing ¥150 for two hours and night skiing is ¥130. Discounts for groups of 15 or more are available.


Shenyang has three main shopping areas. One is on 中街 Zhong Jie, which has a number of shops selling cell phones, computers, electronic equipment or the latest fashions and accessories. Box/department stores are within walking distance of Zhong Jie as well as the north train station. There are many western brands here, including cafes and restaurants. The Forum 66 Mall is well-travelled and full of international food and clothing brands, and its relatively empty companion, the Palace 66, is now open at 市府广场站 Shifu Guangchang station on the 2 line.

The second shopping area is 太原街 Taiyuan Jie, located within walking distance of the Shenyang Railway Station. This area has an English language bookstore and main post office nearby, as well as food, clothing from international brands, and electronics. Don't miss the underground shopping mall under the street. Box stores common throughout China can be found here. Cheap prescription glasses and sunglasses can be found on south Taiyuan street in the 赛隆广场 Sailong Mall. Don't forget to bargain!

The third is 北市场 Beishichang, within walking distance from the north train station. It is one of the oldest shopping areas in Shenyang. There is an important Lama temple (Huang Shi, founded in 1636), which was worshiped by all the Manchu emperors during their regular trips to Shenyang.

Another good place to check for electronics and repairs is 三好街 San Hao Jie, which boasts both a "music city" near the music academy on the north end, and an extensive selection of electronics malls on the southern end.

For foreign expats looking for the comforts of home, there are numerous import grocery stores, including Olé in the MixC at 工业展览馆 Gongye Zhanlanguan station and at Palace 66, Yoo-Hoo by 金融中心 Jinrong Zhongxin station, and METRO and Ikea out in 铁西区 Tiexi district. Many of these stores will offer free membership cards for foreign workers.

As a possible souvenir, by incorporating traditional Chinese painting techniques, artists of Shenyang have turned feather patchwork scrolls into something as refined and appealing as Chinese painting and calligraphy.

五爱 Wu'ai Market in Shenyang is the biggest wholesale market in the northeast of China, with 300,000 customers per day and annual turnover of more than ¥2 billion. It covers an area of 139,000 square meters, with multiple massive buildings connected by bridges and stairways. Products include dresses, shoes, caps, groceries, knitted goods, cloth materials, boxes, home appliances, gifts, daily sundry goods, beauty and hairdressing articles, small foods, bedding goods and more. Be prepared to get lost!


Liaoning is home to Liaocai (辽菜), a distinctive cuisine named after the area. Liaocai tends to be strong in flavour with plenty garlic, ginger and other spices but not hot. Shenyang has a large Korean and Mongolian population, who operate a lot of barbecue stands on the street corners of the city. Some of the city's best types of cuisine include 火锅 hot pot, 麻辣烫 mala tang, or spicy pay-by-weight soup, and 串儿 chua'r barbeque. There are many Muslim hand-pulled noodle places, and also a number of very good Korean restaurants. All of Shenyang's top hotels feature fancy restaurants serving Cantonese, Japanese and Western food. Mexican food has become especially popular in the last year, with at least two different places offering Mexican specials. There are also some decent noodle shops, as well as the national chain California Beef Noodle, on some of the small roads near the train station.

Frost Flower Fried Dumplings from Laobian Dumpling is one of their must-try

Fast food and coffee shops are plentiful. The imported, western style food tends to be at the higher end of the price market. By going after local cuisine you will save money. One of the absolute best places to try cheap and savoury local foods is at the 彩电塔 Cai Dian Ta night market near the Liaoning Radio Tower, located just west of the Kempinski hotel and 青年公园 Qingnian Gongyuan Station. This market is full of cheap barbeque 串儿 chuan'r, with selections as various as chicken necks, pig feet, or tofu rolls. There are also various noodle dishes, potato dishes, soft-serve ice cream and fruit jelly desserts, and a Liaoning starch specialty known as 闷子 Menzi. It stretches across several streets, and is generally open from the end of March until late October as crowds die down over the winter months.

Shenyang BaoFaYuan's "Four Outstanding": Fried Kidney with Sauce, Fried Liver with Sauce (combined as one in the picture), Fried meatball, Daylily with Egg and Shrimp 溜腰花、熘肝尖、煎丸子、溜黄菜


Live music from Tuesday to Sunday, Promotion : Half price for Chinese and imported draught beer from 17:00-23:00,.. Italian Monday : Half price for pizza and spaghetti. ¥15-150.





Shenyang also has its share of Western 4-star properties such as Marriott, ShangRi-La, and Holiday Inn. There is a 24-hour spa at the north train station.


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