Shaoxing (绍兴) is a city in Zhejiang, near Shanghai and Hangzhou, famous for its traditional Chinese bridges, boats, architectures, yellow wine and a huge number of textile and cloth factories and production.

The Monument to Martyr Qiu Jin

Get in

By airplane

The fastest way to get there is by plane, stop in Xiaoshan International Airport (XIA), then take a bus or cab to get into downtown, no more than 20 km away from the airport.

By bus

The easiest way to get into Shaoxing is by bus, almost every city in Zhejiang will have transportation to Shaoxing.

mordern center square in the downtown of Shaoxing

Get around

The downtown is very clean, and very nice to walk around to feel the perfect combination of modern and ancient Chinese culture


Fishermen in this town used to use cormorants (鸬鹚) for fishing, but nowadays the town only has the birds on special occasions. Call the travel association ahead of time to ask before coming here to look for birds.


Downtown Theater in Shaoxing


There are many shopping malls in the downtown area, here recommended some:



Go next

On the way from Shaoxing to Qianqing

Qianqing (钱清) A small town not far away from downtown Shaoxing, bus 613 will get you there directly, and it is famous for its cheap textile and cloth materials with nice quality.

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