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Yangpu (Chinese: 杨浦) is one of the districts that comprise the city centre of the city of Shanghai. It is located northeast of the downtown core and is predominantly made up of residential communities. It is also home to the main campuses of two of China's most prestigious universities, Fudan University and Tongji University. For shoppers, the commercial core of the district is near Wujiaochang (Chinese: 五角场; pinyin: Wǔjiǎochǎng; literally Five Corners Square) with a large group of shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment surrounding a major roundabout.

Get in

A typical Line 10 station. Line 10 is coloured lavender.
Nenjiang Road station in Yangpu District, on Shanghai Metro Line 8. Line 8 is coloured deep blue. Beware of the similarity to Line 9, which is sky blue in colour.

The best way to get into Yangpu District from downtown Shanghai is by taking Shanghai Metro Lines 8 or 10 northbound. Both lines connect important locations in downtown Shanghai (Line 8 from People's Square; Line 10 from East Nanjing Road and Yuyuan Garden) and traverse through the district, ultimately terminating in the northern reaches of Yangpu. In addition, Line 10 connects directly to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, both important transportation hubs. Numerous bus services also connect Yangpu and the surrounding areas.

If you are travelling to Yangpu District from Shanghai Railway Station, take Line 3 to Hongkou Football Stadium station (Chinese: 虹口足球场站), where you can transfer to Line 8 to continue your journey. Beware though that the interchange at Hongkou Football Stadium requires transferring from an elevated station to an underground station, which could mean many steps and a lengthy transfer. Alternatively, you can take Line 4 to Hailun Road station (Chinese: 海伦路站), where you can transfer to Line 10 to continue your journey. The platforms of both lines are underground at Hailun Road, so the interchange may be faster. The platforms of Line 3 and 4 are located in Shanghai Railway Station's North Square (Chinese: 北广场), so make sure you head toward the North Square and not the South Square, which hosts the platform for Line 1 only.

If you are travelling to Yangpu District from Pudong Airport, the journey by metro would involve taking Line 2 to Century Avenue station (Chinese: 世纪大道站) and transferring to Line 4, which takes you across the Huangpu River directly into Yangpu District. A transfer to Line 10 can be achieved at Hailun Road station (Chinese: 海伦路站). If your final stop is on Line 8, however, it may be more worthwhile to take Line 2 all the way to People's Square station, and transfer to Line 8 directly from there. Alternatively, you can take the Airport No. 4 bus (Chinese: 机场四线) from the bus terminal at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which is an express bus that takes you directly to Wujiaochang. Depending on traffic conditions, this may be faster; in addition, the bus travels over the Yangpu Bridge (Chinese: 杨浦大桥), crossing the Huangpu River from Pudong New Area to Yangpu District.

Metro Line 4

Metro Line 4, known as the ring line, straddles the southwestern boundary of Yangpu District with Hongkou District, traversing below Dalian Road (Chinese: 大连路). The only two stations that serve Yangpu District (near its boundary with Hongkou District) are Dalian Road station (Chinese: 大连路站) and Yangshupu Road station (Chinese: 杨树浦路站).

Metro Line 8

Metro Line 8 connects People's Square and destinations further south to important destinations north of the city in Yangpu District, as well as in neighbouring Hongkou District. It serves mostly residential neighbourhoods along the route, but stations of note are Siping Road station (Chinese: 四平路站), which serves as an interchange station with Line 10, the other major metro line in Yangpu District, and Huangxing Park Station (Chinese: 黄兴公园站), with Huangxing Park (Chinese: 黄兴公园) nearby. Navigation tip: When taking Line 8 from the downtown core to Yangpu District, follow signs to trains bound for Shiguang Road station (Chinese: 市光路站).

Metro Line 10

Metro Line 10 is the newest line into Yangpu District and serves many points of interest in Yangpu District. Two important locations served by this line are:

Navigation tip: When taking Line 10 from the downtown core to Yangpu District, follow signs to trains bound for Xinjiangwancheng station (Chinese: 新江湾城站).


The Guanghua Building at the main campus of Fudan University.

Visit one of the many educational institutions that call Yangpu home. The two major, well known universities in Yangpu District are Fudan University and Tongji University. Other smaller universities include the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education.



Wujiaochang is Yangpu District's commercial hotspot.

Wanda Plaza (formerly Wujiaochang Shopping Center) is the favorite entertainment spot for university students and locals on the north side. A good selection of restaurants can be found in the plaza, along with box stores and a cinema.


Due to the large number of students, Yangpu is a budget-friendly location for food. A small and suspicious-looking alleyway off Wudong Road (Chinese: 武东路), near the main campus of Fudan University, is alive with friendly street food vendors nearly any time of day. They move to Fudan's north gate after 9:30pm.



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