Minhang is a district of Shanghai, one of the inner ring of suburbs. It is mainly a residential and factory area, but there is a bit of everything. Population is about 2.4 million.

Minhang is the only district with territory on both sides of the Huangpu river, but most of both the land and the population are on the west side. The main access routes (see next section) are also west of the river.

Get in

Location within Shanghai

Metro line 5 runs North-South through much of the district. It connects at its northern terminus, Xinzhuang metro station, to line 1 which leads into the downtown core. Line 5 is being extended South into Fengxian and plans call for it to eventually be extended North to Hongqiao Airport as well.

The new line 22 out to Jinshan via Songjiang also stops at Xinzhuang, although at a separate station.

Line 9 runs roughly Northeast-Southwest across the Northern end of Minhang, with a stop near the water town Qibao. It connects Songjiang on its Western end to downtown to the East.

For drivers, Humin Lu is the main North-South artery, running parallel to metro lines 1 and 5 through most of the district. The Northern part, from Xujiahui to Xinzhuang, has an elevated road above the ground-level street, each about six lanes. Beyond Xinzhuang, it runs at ground level and is mostly four-lane. The S4 toll road runs parallel to Humin Lu a bit East of it through Minhang and off to the South. The fastest way from downtown to southern Minhang, and the usual route for taxis, is Humin Lu to Xinzhuang then switch to S4.

Xinzhuang is one of the city's main road interchanges. In addition to the roads already mentioned the one out from Xujiahui, Humin Lu and S4 it is on the A20 ring road. That leads to both Hongqiao Airport. nearby to the north, and Pudong Airport, some distance to the east. G60, the main highway south and east toward Hangzhou, also starts from this interchange.

Bus #816 runs from Hengshan Road in the French Concession (terminus on Dongping Lu near Shanghai Brewery) along Humin Lu all the way to the river at the South edge of Minhang.

Get around

The routes described under "get in" above, especially metro line 5, are also much used for travel within the district.

There is a complex web of bus services covering the entire district; the buses radiate out from major metro stops such as Xinzhuang, Shanghai South Railway Station and Dongchuan Road. There are also taxis more-or-less everywhere, and taxi stands at most metro stops.

There is a city-operated system of free bicycles, but the stands are card-operated and as of 2012 the cards were available only to registered Shanghai residents; even migrant workers from other parts of China were excluded. There are many stands around town, each with a few dozen bikes; with a card, you can take one. If you return it to any stand within four hours, there is no charge.


Old Town in Qibao
Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiast's Center
SJTU East gate


There are two universities near the South edge of Minhang on Dongchuan Road, East of the line 5 metro station named after the street. From the station, a taxi, a moderately long walk or the #3 bus will get you to either.

To see both campuses, go to Jiaoda and ride the free campus bus around to the East gate the fancy Chinese-looking one, moved from the downtown campus to save it from road-widening work there and walk across the street to the ECNU main gate.


Minhang has quite a bit of shopping, mainly for the local market except in the Qibao water town which is well-provided with tourist-oriented merchandise.

There are several large malls, including at least one almost directly above Qibao metro station, a couple of enormous ones across the street from Lianhua Lu (Lotus Road) station, and one near Xinzhuang station (cross the footbridge over the railway tracks and turn right). Lianhua Lu also has a group of cheap clothing stores at the station itself, mainly for women. The malls have a lot of international brands; for example, Xinzhuang has Marks & Spencer, H&M, a Carrefour supermarket, B&Q building supplies, Dairy Queen and Burger King.


There are many restaurants along Hongmei Lu, and the area is popular with both tourists and expats. Take line 10, get off at Longxi Road stop, turn right as you exit the station and right again onto Hongmei Lu. Walk a block, past Yan'an elevated road, and you are in an area full of restaurants including many places with an international menu. Another block down on the left is a pedestrians-only side street with at least a dozen restaurants and bars, including an Iranian place and an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. Alternately, a #757 bus from Lianhua Lu metro station (fairly far South on line 1) takes you along Hongmei Lu.

Opposite the main gate of Jiaotong University is an entire street of restaurants; they cater to students so most are moderately priced. In particular, there are two barbeque places that do reasonably good all-you-can-eat meals for about ¥50, excellent value if you are fairly hungry.

There are also five clusters of restaurants on the Jiaotong U campus, each of which includes a very cheap cafeteria-style place and several other restaurants. Canteen number 5 has an overpriced coffee shop, a popular Korean place, several Chinese places, and a pseudo-Italian place with reasonable pizza around ¥25 and several good rice-and-stirfry or noodle-and-topping plates around ¥15. The same Italian place has at least one other location on campus.

There is a street with a dozen restaurants across from Dongchuan Lu station. The Sichuan place, recognisable by the large red chilis on its sign, is quite good and moderately priced.





There are plenty of hotels in the area, especially toward the North end near the French Concession.

The Hongmei Lu area (see Eat above) is a fairly popular choice because it has a good range of both restaurants and hotels, is near Hongqiao Airport and is connected via metro line 10 to both the airport and downtown.





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