Jing'an is a district in downtown Shanghai. It is named after the historic Jing'an Temple, and its transport hub is the Jing'an Temple metro station.

Position in Shanghai

Nanjing Road West runs right past the temple; the whole area is heavily developed with mainly commercial and office buildings along Nanjing Road, including a large shopping center above the metro station, and several others nearby. The side streets have a higher proportion of residential buildings, but many of those have shops or restaurants on the ground floor. Other than the temples, there are a distinct lack of sights in the area although if you are looking for shopping and eating then this is worth visiting in Shanghai.

Get in

The usual way to get here is to take the line 2 or 7 metro to   Jing'an Temple station. To the east is   Nanjing Road West station (line 2) is also in the district on the main shopping road. To the north is   Changping Road Station (line 7) and then   Changshou Road Station (line 7).

You could reach the area on foot by walking West along Nanjing Road from Huangpu District or North along various roads from the French Concession.

Shanghai City Air Terminal is in one of the malls above Jing'an Temple metro station. There are buses to and from both airports.


Jing'an Temple
Mao Zedong's former residence



The main street of this area, West Nanjing Road (Nanjing xilu), is one of Shanghai's premier shopping areas. It specializes in high-end name-brand goods, generally at somewhat higher prices than outside China. However, such goods are by no means the only thing on offer; there is a bit of everything available. The side streets and Beijing Road (the next major street North of Nanjing Road and parallel to it) are similar, but with a broader range of goods.

Alternate shopping areas with similar goods include Nanjing Road East in Huangpu District and Huahai Road in the French Concession.


The mall above the Jing'an Temple metro station has about twenty small restaurants including a good Japanese-style curry place, and a Korean place. The small street along the North side of the temple has several restaurants, mostly Chinese but including a Burger King.

There is an excellent, if somewhat pricey, Indonesian place about a block North of Nanjing Road on the side street where the westernmost exit from the Temple metro station comes out.




There is a whole strip of bars, mostly rather sleazy and well-stocked with dubious women, directly across from the Hilton on the North-South street that runs along the West side of the park by Jing'an Temple. The Hilton is a block or so beyond Yang'an elevated road. The bar on the left as you face them has an excellent Indian restaurant upstairs.

Continue South beyond the Hilton to reach the French Concession and a better class of bar. The road the Hilton is on becomes Hengshan Road a kilometer or so further South. You may not need to go that far; there are bars and restaurants scattered all along that road and on side streets off it.


The Shanghai Hilton is two blocks South of Jing'an Temple station, on the other side of Yang'an elevated road. There are a number of decent but less expensive hotels along the side streets North of the station.




Serviced apartments

Shanghai is well provided with serviced apartments which rent by the week or month, mainly to business people whose companies are covering the cost.


The Kerry Center shopping mall has free public wifi.

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