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Jinshan (金山区; ) is a suburban district of Shanghai. It is located on the Southwest corner of Shanghai Municipality, bordering Zhejiang province.

At the western tip of the district is a traditional water town a scenic area with many canals and old buildings named Fengjing. It is best known for originating "Jinshan peasant painting", a style which has become quite well-known in China and has been exhibited internationally. It is still an active center for such work. On the map, it is the area in red while the rest of Jinshan is shown in yellow.

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A train on Jinshan Railway

The new Jinshan Railway, also known as metro line 22, connects Jinshan to the Xinzhuang metro station (lines 1 and 5) and Shanghai South Railway Station (lines 1 and 3). The trip takes about half an hour. The route also passes through several stations in Songjiang district, but not all trains stop at all of these.

The ShiMei (石梅線 or 石梅线) bus travels between Jinshan and Jinjiang Amusement Park (錦江樂園 or 锦江乐园) which is on Shanghai metro line 1. Travel time is about an hour and fare ¥10 each way.


Donglin Temple in Zhujing Town



The water town Fengjing has a number of galleries mainly selling paintings in the local style.


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