Seto (瀬戸) in Northern Aichi prefecture is synonymous with ceramics in Japan. This city is home to several ceramic artists and companies.



Seto has a long history of ceramics. In Japan, the term Setomono (lit. Seto's things) means ceramics.

During the Edo period, Tamakichi Kato, brought new methods of ceramic production to Seto and founded his own style. Eventually the clan of Owari became his patrons which allowed his style to flourish. As such, he is considered to be the father of Seto ceramics.

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By train

Seto is home to two train lines, the primary being the Meitetsu-Seto Line. This train is easily recognizable by its bright red paint job. It runs regularly between Owari-Seto and Sakae.

If coming from Nagoya station there are two ways to reach Seto. The first way you start out on the JR Chuo Line to Ozone. At Ozone you change from JR to the Meitetsu and you take the Meitetsu to Seto. The second way is to again take the JR Chuo Line, but instead of disembarking at Ozone continue riding to Kozoji station. At Kozoji change to the Aichi Loop Line and get off at Shin-Seto.

Please note that most of the sites and ceramics shops are located near Owari-Seto station and not Shin-Seto.

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Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum
Setogura Museum

Seto is small enough that you can walk to most of the attractions from either Owari-Seto station or from Shin-Seto station. However there are a variety of buses that will usually run to or near further destinations.


Seto was part of the location of the Expo 2005 held in both Seto and Nagakute. The attractions are mostly gone, but the grounds are still there and have been converted into a park.




Setomono Festival
Kamagaki Pottery Footpath


Ceramics can be found an many of the shops that line the main street of Owari-Seto. Ceramics and glass works can be also purchased in the Seto Ceramics and Glass Center.


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