Serra do Mar State Park

One of the roads that cross the Serra do Mar State Park.

The Serra do Mar State Park is in the São Paulo state of Brazil. Commonly seen by Paulistas as simply an area to be crossed on the way to the beach, the park is actually part of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, a World Heritage Site.



The Serra do Mar State Park is a dense rainforest area covering the hills around the central and north parts of the São Paulo coast. Although there are lower difficulty trails, it is mostly an area for serious trekking, not for a relaxing nature stroll or animal sightseeing. The most rewarding trails will bring you to beautiful waterfalls or splendid views of the coast.


For ecoutourism purposes, the park can be accessed by one of the 8 visitor centers. Some of them have regular operating hours, while others require booking a visit in advance. If you will visit the park through a tour agency, they will do the booking in your behalf.


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