Chinese Temple Vihara Sejahtera Sakti
Chinese Temple Vihara Panca Sakti
Iman Bonjol Street,a traditional Selat Panjang street

Selat Panjang (Selatpanjang) is capital city of Kepulauan Meranti Regency


This is the capital of the newly-created Regency of province Riau in Indonesia. The city is fast growing with a population around 100,000. It is a trading, shipping, shopping and tourism "seafood" center in the region.

Get in

Selat Panjang does not have an operational airport, so travellers' only option is to get in by boat. Selat Panjang has good ferry connections transit with Singapore and Batu Pahat in the southwestern tip of Johor, Malaysia as well as the other Riau Islands and the Sumatra "mainland".

By boat

The Tanjung Harapan ferry terminal at Selat Panjang at of Jalan Tanjung Harapan is the main passenger port of Selat Panjang City and is used by all domestic and international services from the city. It is a visa-free for most ASEAN citizens and a visa-on-arrival port; see Indonesia's Get in section for visa details.

Please note that the two companies' code-sharing agreement allows you to board any ferry at Selat Panjang for the return leg to Malaysia only if you hold a return ticket that was purchased in Malaysia. If you buy your ticket in Selat Panjang, you can only board the ferry of the company from which you buy the ticket.

In Batam, ferries dock at Sekupang, next to the international ferry terminal where there are connecting ferries to Singapore. In Bintan, ferries arrive/depart from Tanjung Pinang harbour in the middle of town.

Get around

The cheapest way to travel in Selatpanjang is by Becak.You can get almost anywhere in Selatpanjang for IDR 10.000 or IDR. 20.000.



Stroll around Selat Panjang, which is the main town on Tebing Tinggi Island, and one of the busiest towns in the Riau. You can walk around and explore on your own or you can take a becak (small public vehicle) for IDR. 20.000.

To enjoy the rural lifestyle on a tropical Indonesian island, you need to get away from Selat Panjang and go to some local kampung(village) areas in Alai or Dorak beach.

Visit the Chinese temples of Klenteng TUA PEK KONG( Vihara Sejahtera Sakti), in Ayani street in Selatpanjang City. Take your time to look at the temple drawings such as "Story of Devotion to the state of children and parents".






Telephone numbers

Postal services

Post office (known as Kantor Pos in Indonesia language) in Selatpanjang City is open daily except Sundays and public holidays.

Go next

The nearest airport is on Batam island, so you'll need to head back there for domestic flights.For International flights heading to Singapore or Batu Pahat,Minyak Beku Ferry Terminal (Malaysia),would be the best option. International seaport tax is 60,000 IDR.

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