Temple of Segesta
Distant view of the temple
Plan of the temple

Segesta is the site of an ancient Graeco-Roman city on the Italian island of Sicily, some 74 km SW of Palermo.

Get in

The site is immediately off the main A29 road, straight after a long tunnel if travelling from Palermo.

Tarantola Bus goes between Palermo and Calatafimi (aka Calatafimi-Segesta) a few times daily, stopping at Segesta en route. You may have a long wait for a return bus. (Perhaps confusingly, Segesta Bus does not go to Segesta.)

Get around

Onsite there is free parking.

Entry to the temple is on foot - about a 5 minute uphill walk.

A bus (EUR 1.50) is available every 30 minutes to the site of the Amphitheatre at the top of the hill. It's a brisk, uphill 20 minute walk alternatively (no entrance fee).


There are 3 major sights at this location:

In addition, there are other remains from the Roman and medieval periods which are documented by signs in five languages across the site.


Coffee and pizza are well deserved at the cafe near the car park if you walked to the amphitheatre.

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