Scott's Head

Scott's Head is a beautiful village at the end of the road on the southwest corner of Dominica.

The village of Scotts Head


Scotts Head is a small isthmus on the southern tip of the island. It is also the name of the small community located there. It takes about one hour to drive from Roseau each way. Scotts Head is a great place to hike up the steep outcrop, which offers a wonderful view of the south-west coast of Dominica and the Caribbean Sea (and even the island of Martinique to the south). Villagers are curious as visitors are few.

Get around

The main road ends at a small point on a hill that provides stunning views of both Scott's Hed below and Roseau to the north.


Scott's Head wraps around the lip of a gently curved bay that happens to be the ancient crater of a volcano. Luckily for divers you can bring your own snorkel or scuba gear and walk out and admire what remains, a 160 meter deep coral lined hole that stretches for hundreds of meters.

Snokelling around this area includes lots of coral and seasonal jellyfish. To snorkel around the Scotts Head prominence would take perhaps an hour of casual swimming.


Several quaint shacks along the (only) road to Roseau can offer an inexpensive and tasy meal after your hike/ snorkel/ sunbathing.

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