Scituate (Massachusetts)

Scituate is a small seacoast town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts south of Cohasset and north of Marshfield in the South Shore region. Scituate Harbor is the main town center and is where most of the shops and restaurants are located. Scituate also includes the villages of North Scituate and Humarock. After the storm of 1888, Humarock was cut off from Scituate by the rerouting of the South River. In order to get to Humarock, you must drive south on route 3A crossing into Marshfield and follow the signs for Humarock. It is suggested that a Massachusetts map book with close-ups on the different towns be obtained to help with travel, especially if you would like to see some of the towns historical sites. A town road map may also be obtained for free at the Scituate Town Hall[]. They will also help with any questions you have.

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Note: All weekend commuter rail service to Scituate has been suspended until Summer 2012.

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Most roads are quiet and calm enough for even children to bike safely on. Many roads also have sidewalks, but not all. There is also a scenic bike path along most of the Drift Way.

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Unfortunately, there are no taxi services in Scituate. Most of the shops and restaurants are located in Scituate Harbor and they are all within walking distance. The beaches are a little bit longer of a walk but the ones close to the harbor such as Sand Hills and Peggoty are a 10 to 15 minute walk max, and lot quicker on bikes. See the article about beaches below for more information.

Here is itinerary to help making getting around time efficient in the harbor area.

When exploring Scituate on a summer day, the most typical time to visit the scenic town, the busy area can be overwhelming to plan the perfect day in. Based on a two- day visit, here is how to maximize your experience in Scituate with out spending all of your time driving around town. Here is itinerary to help making getting around time efficient in the harbor area.

Scituate Harbor Area Morning Breakfast: Morning Glories has a breakfast egg and cheese sandwich and a coffee selection that are raved about by the locals. Visit this bakery for your breakfast fix to get your day rolling. Activity: Off of The Driftway, just near Morning Glories, take a walk along the marsh at the boat ramp. There are walking trails alongside to make for a nice morning stroll. Lunch: On Front Street, the heart of Scituate’s downtown, lies one of the town’s busiest sandwich shops, Marias. Oftentimes on a summer afternoon, the line is out the door, so be prepared to wait for about 20 minutes for your lunch. Get it to go as Peggotty beach is right around the corner!

Activity: Peggotty Beach is a popular beach near the harbor. After being sure that you have a beach sticker on your car, prepare to spend the rest of your afternoon here.

Dinner: Satuit tavern is a popular restaurant near the lighthouse and features local seafood and pizza. The prices are reasonable and the menu selection appeals to all appetites.

Activity: Patriot Cinemas in the harbor shows two films at a time. With Harbor Scoops just next door, the movies are a sweet treat to the end of your night in the harbor.

Day two North Scituate

Breakfast: Marylou's is a very popular coffee shop in North Scituate that also has muffins and pasteries. This stop will help wake your morning up. Activity: Visit Whittney Woods Trails. There are 3 miles of trails off of Country Way, near Marylous, that provide for a nice walk through the woods.

Lunch: Circe's Grotto is a nice sandwich shop offering an extensive menu of gourmet sandwiches. With Minot Beach just down the street, Circe's makes a lot of sales for beach picnics. Activity: Minot Beach is one of Scituate's Pulic Beaches that is very family friendly. It features an enormous rock that kids love to play on and jump off of.

Dinner: Riva II is a pizza joint that offers delicious pizzas and salads. For a light dinner after the beach this is an excellent choice.




The major beaches of Scituate are Minot, Peggoty, and Egypt Beach, and are all open to the public throughout the year. Note that parking in a beach parking lot requires a Beach Sticker. There are only a reserved number of stickers for non-residents each summer. If you are not a resident with a sticker, it is probably easier to bike, or make some local friends! Sand Hills and Pegotty beach are the two closest beaches to the harbor and are a 10 to 15 minute walk max, even less if you have bikes. Be sure to ask for directions although it is pretty straight forward trip.

The town of Hull, home to Nantasket Beach, phone: +1 617-727-1330, is about a 15 minute ride to the north on route 3A. At this beautiful 3.5 mile long sandy beach there are 1000 car parking lots (for a small fee), lifeguards, public rest rooms, changing rooms and showers. Opposite the beach, there is a long strip of restaurants, arcades, ice cream stands, shops, food vendors and even a carousel. This trip is a must and a fun time for families or couples. The beach is extremely popular on hot summer days and is one of the best on the South Shore. From Scituate, follow route 3A north until you hit the traffic circle in Hingham, then take the first right out of the circle and follow until you reach Hull. Continue until on until you hit the main strip and the beach is on the right. You won't miss it.





There are three USPS post offices in Scituate, located on Ford Rd, First Parish Rd, and Gannett Rd. The post office located on First Parish Road is the only one to offer Passport Application Services. Stamps can be purchased at the post office, or at the CVS/Pharmacy in the harbor. There are no UPS stores (or similar package delivery services) located in Scituate. If you need to send a package, there are several drop boxes around town. A UPS, FedEx, and USPS box is specifically in Scituate Harbor.



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